Professional Tyre Disposal, Battery Recycling and Catalytic Converter Buyers

Get the best disposal service for tyres, car, van and HGV batteries and Catalytic Converters from a team of highly trained technicians at The Tyre Yard.

We are a well-established recycling company offering a wide range of recycling services throughout Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Tyre Disposal

The Tyre Yard assist you in disposing of your end of life tyres easily and environmentally safely. Arrange for a collection anywhere in Bury, Greater Manchester and the North West.

Tyre Disposal

Car Van Truck Battery Recycling

Car Battery Recycling

Dispose and recycle your car, van and truck batteries in an environmentally friendly way with The Tyre Yard’s recycling service covering Bury, Greater Manchester and the Lancashire area.

Battery Recycling

Catalytic Converter Buyers

Catalytic Converters

The Tyre Yard in Bury, Manchester, offers best prices paid for your catalytic converter and provides collection throughout Manchester, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and the Northwest.

Catalytic Converter Recycling